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We're dynesis.

We’re a platform of fully customizable marketing & design services, no strings attached. Due to simplified processes and a remote workforce we are affordable and fully transparent.

Startup. Future unicorns have crazy visions. And we’re crazy about making them tangible.

Digital. Design & marketing for everyone! Accessible from everywhere and at any time.

Curated. We’re hassle free. Due to our holistic approach you’ll get fully unique output.

Basis for growth



Being a startup ourselves, we know what drives you and what your headaches are. At dynesis we know that keeping focused is essential to reaching far-away goals. While you’re inventing, we’ll push the boundaries of creativity, giving your startup a face and ensuring that your products and services are understood.

Our Story

Our Story

Signe Fleischmann and Sandra Kobel discovered their shared passion for great brands and innovation in early 2020, and were inspired to start something new. Even though we’re a startup, we bring years of experience in design and marketing services to dynesis, having worked for leading brands around the world. Our mission is to help today’s startups and young brands become the unicorns of tomorrow.